Minister of Trade and Industry,
After Preamble;
(Article One)

The text of item-2 of article (2) of Decree of the Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade No. 342 of the Year 1982, referred to, shall be substituted with the following text:

Article (2):

“(2) The person whose activity as a commercial mediator is confined even for only one transaction – to looking for a contractor or negotiating with him to conclude a contract, including the contracts for selling or purchasing real estates, and any person who has carried out any of the commercial agency works even for one time or concluded an employment contract with the producer, the merchant or the distributor.

(Article Two)

This decree shall be published in Al-Wakaye Al-Mesreya/ Government Bulletin and shall apply as of the day following its date of publication.

Issued on: 16/9/2019

Minister of Trade and Industry Eng. Amr Nassar           For subscription, contact: 33351141

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